Lisa's household & errand services, Central France 

About L​isa's Household & Errand Services​​

With good direction we can all use our time wisely, at Lisa's household & errand services we are hopeful, excited and know time is valuable to those who can't reach their homes in & around central France.  By providing lifestyle & errands for those finding it difficult to get to France she is here to assist.  There's always a service for those in or out of France, even to collect your favorite Cheddar cheese and Cumberland sausages if required :)

Lisa is creative & entrepreneurial in her work & has renovated small to medium projects with teams around her. including a boat!  She has been a world traveller for many years and now in France she integrates with the locals and provides services available for your precious homes as well as working on her own.  

Lisa's truthful and honest, an animal lover and is good at making things happen. She always sees a solution and offers personable & individual bespoke services for your needs.  Thus, for her, the relationship with her clients is as important as much as the job in hand, she will do all she can to achieve the outcome you require.  Benefitting from good intuition, knowledge of travel, cultures, cuisines,  quirks we all have, along with a Degree in Hospitality Management.

Based in the Centre of France with plenty of scope for sourcing and moving around to solve your problem.  This service will enable you to find the direction to solve your problem.